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St. Augustine Aquarium

The St. Augustine Aquarium was a great trip for my 2 year old. Currently, they have only opened phase 1, so there’s not too much to see. However, there are options for things to do of all age ranges. They offer snorkeling and zip-lining for adults/older kids, and there’s a shark tooth hunt (included in the entrance fee) and all the fish (including a touch tank) for the little ones. There are also different presentations throughout the day. If you just wanted to walk through, it’d probably take you about 20 minutes, give or take, depending on how much time you spend at each tank. We spent a total of about 1 hour at the aquarium because my son loved looking at each tank for an extended period of time.

The entrance fee is $8 for adults and $5 for kids. I didn’t have to pay for my son, which was a plus.

They offer options to feed the sharks/rays for $10 per/feeding, and snorkeling at $35 per/person. There are also two zip-lining options – general admission, adults at $59.95; and, mini castaway admission, children under 12 at $54.95.

All in all, would I go again? Yes, I would definitely go here again. We’re excited to finally have an aquarium within an hour away, and we look forward to the other phases to open.  However, I can’t imagine coming here very often until then.


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Being a mom, Local Business, Mom blog, Saint Augustine, FL

A little candy shop

I used to think Florida was all beaches, alligators, and Disney. But, when I moved to North Florida in 2013, I learned there was so much more. My boyfriend (now husband) took me to this amazing, little historic area with cobblestone roads lined with boutiques, B&Bs, and restaurants. This impressionable area was St. Augustine, Florida.

One birthday, he decided to surprise me with a trip down, and we spent the night in an amazing inn that was in the heart of all the shops and restaurants. While we were there, we went to this awesome little candy shop. We bought things from our childhood to share with each other, like candy cigarettes, Turkish Taffy, Swedish fish, and (most importantly) salt water taffy. That was the first time I went to The Black Parrot.

That little candy shop was so memorable that, when I was looking for salt water taffies for wedding favors 2 years later, I knew I had to get it from there. I wanted to share the experience I had of walking down memory lane through sweets I had as a child.

When I insisted on finding this candy shop again, I remember my mom asking why we couldn’t go to the multitude of other souvenir/ candy shops that had salt water taffy. I know I told her that it was a unique place, and I just HAD to get them from there. She probably humored me because I was both pregnant and a borderline bride-zilla, but when we arrived, she understood.

We were assisted by one of the sweetest people I know, Ms. Sue, who I later found out was the owner of The Black Parrot. She recommended I get salt water taffy boxes to fill my favor bags, and, when those boxes weren’t enough and my mom had to pick up more, Ms. Sue even included a small bag of taffies for me. (I decided I had to “taste” the taffies as my little cousin, sister, and I were putting together the favors. To be honest, I probably had a good part of a box of taffies, if not the whole box. I have no regrets.)

Since then, I try to visit Ms. Sue and The Black Parrot whenever we go down to St. Augustine. I feel like Ms. Sue has become a great friend to our family and The Black Parrot is better than Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory could ever be. She’s watched our now 2 year old son grow up and watched him play with the different candies. She even let him “help” sort the salt water taffy barrel the last time we visited.

As special as we feel whenever we get to visit, I can guarantee each customer feels the same the minute they walk in, too (as if the nostalgia wasn’t enough). If they have any questions, Ms. Sue is there to answer them. She’ll even talk to you about the industry or make recommendations based on what you like.

All this being said, I’d like to say thank you to Ms. Sue and her husband for The Black Parrot, and for making St. Augustine even more sweet and magical than it already is.

— The Taffy Lady 🙂

P.S. My son *almost* likes salt water taffy as much as I do… almost…

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