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Remembering Me

A friend of mine recently asked me to be the photographer for her mom’s wedding. I was shocked and tried containing my excitement while driving home from a weekend family trip.

Side note: To be clear, I am not, by any means, a photographer. At best, I am an amateur.  I enjoy taking photos and consider it a hobby. While I pretty much grew up with a camera in my hand, I only have my phone these days.

Being asked to take on the responsibility of recording this special day was a little nerve wracking. But, I was so excited. I said yes. I didn’t even hesitate. I took this as an opportunity to do something I enjoy for people I care about and respect.

First  thing when we arrived home, I dug out the cameras – one film, a DSLR, and a hybrid, realized the lens of one might be scratched (Thanks to a certain little one who finds things) and that I don’t have film. Then, I ordered a new lens cap, battery charger, batteries, and film – black and while because it’s a wedding.

The next day, I started taking pictures. My son was the star as was the flower bed. I figured that my son would be a perfect “model” since he’s always on the go. It’d be a great way to test any skills I might have left.

Currently, I’m waiting for everything I ordered so I can practice with each camera, and I’m truly hoping I don’t mess anything up and ruin this woman’s wedding pictures. I’m watching YouTube tutorials and asking my dad, a former photographer, for advice. I’m remembering the exhilaration I felt when taking photos, the feeling that I’m preserving memories and emotions. I’m remembering how much I loved to take pictures… of EVERYTHING. I’d take a picture of carpet or a wall when I was growing up just to take a picture.

Re-learning how to look into a viewfinder and how to take a picture of what I feel looks good is amazing. If you haven’t noticed, I’m SOOOO excited to be doing this, to be learning something again, to be remembering things I haven’t thought about in years, to be dedicating hours of reading, watching, practicing…

Here’s to doing the best I can.


P.S. Some of my favorite shots… (always open to constructive criticism)

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Baby News

After a long hiatus, I’m so happy to announce that our family is expecting another little one in November! I’m so excited!

This pregnancy so far has been kicking my butt. There have been many nights… mornings… afternoons spent praying to the porcelain gods, and many days wondering where my energy has gone. 

I’m finally in my second trimester and feeling almost like I’m back to my old energizer bunny-like self. That being said…

I’m baaaaaack. 😊


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Who am I? The age old question that we all seek to answer. As a wife, mom, daughter, and so much more, I often forget that there are multiple facets to what makes me… me. Most days I feel like I’m “Aiden’s mom” or the mom having a meltdown with her son at the store. I forget that there’s so much more to me. Other people forget there’s more to me.

In an effort to be more rounded and express myself, I’ve (re)created this blog with the support of another mom to show readers and myself that… simply put… I haven’t lost it. I’m still a creative writer, a lover of culture and food, a curious explorer, and so much more.

Even more than proving this to myself and to you, I hope you don’t forget there’s more to you, too. You’re not defined by just one aspect of your identity, but by a combination of all of them.

In the infamous words of Rhianna and Sia, “Shine bright like a Diamond…”