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St. Augustine Aquarium

The St. Augustine Aquarium was a great trip for my 2 year old. Currently, they have only opened phase 1, so there’s not too much to see. However, there are options for things to do of all age ranges. They offer snorkeling and zip-lining for adults/older kids, and there’s a shark tooth hunt (included in the entrance fee) and all the fish (including a touch tank) for the little ones. There are also different presentations throughout the day. If you just wanted to walk through, it’d probably take you about 20 minutes, give or take, depending on how much time you spend at each tank. We spent a total of about 1 hour at the aquarium because my son loved looking at each tank for an extended period of time.

The entrance fee is $8 for adults and $5 for kids. I didn’t have to pay for my son, which was a plus.

They offer options to feed the sharks/rays for $10 per/feeding, and snorkeling at $35 per/person. There are also two zip-lining options – general admission, adults at $59.95; and, mini castaway admission, children under 12 at $54.95.

All in all, would I go again? Yes, I would definitely go here again. We’re excited to finally have an aquarium within an hour away, and we look forward to the other phases to open.  However, I can’t imagine coming here very often until then.


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Baby News

After a long hiatus, I’m so happy to announce that our family is expecting another little one in November! I’m so excited!

This pregnancy so far has been kicking my butt. There have been many nights… mornings… afternoons spent praying to the porcelain gods, and many days wondering where my energy has gone. 

I’m finally in my second trimester and feeling almost like I’m back to my old energizer bunny-like self. That being said…

I’m baaaaaack. 😊