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Who am I? The age old question that we all seek to answer. As a wife, mom, daughter, and so much more, I often forget that there are multiple facets to what makes me… me. Most days I feel like I’m “Aiden’s mom” or the mom having a meltdown with her son at the store. I forget that there’s so much more to me. Other people forget there’s more to me.

In an effort to be more rounded and express myself, I’ve (re)created this blog with the support of another mom to show readers and myself that… simply put… I haven’t lost it. I’m still a creative writer, a lover of culture and food, a curious explorer, and so much more.

Even more than proving this to myself and to you, I hope you don’t forget there’s more to you, too. You’re not defined by just one aspect of your identity, but by a combination of all of them.

In the infamous words of Rhianna and Sia, “Shine bright like a Diamond…”